Hyatt & Co
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Hyatt & Co is one of Pakistan’s leading and established independent Sales & Marketing Agency / Distributors with over 10 years’ experience in the Imported perfumery and FMCG industry.

We have a proven track record of growing leading Imported global. Hyatt & Co has two specialized divisions; Perfumery/Cosmetics and FMCG that provide extensive national representation across number of key market channels.

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Leave your legacy behind and be remembered for years on what you have accomplished in life. My business is yours! My workplace is the entire world. I engage in business for touching people’s lives and creating new lifestyles. Through my business, I bring about a brighter tomorrow for all around me. I dedicate myself to our common future, mindful of my responsibility to promote the prosperity of all earthly beings. In the end, I believe this leads to my own betterment. I am Hyatt & Co., with infinite missions around the world.